Vickers Elementary

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Vicker's Elementary student have the opportunity to receive both Nine Weeks Awards and Yearly Awards. Find the descriptions below!

Nine Weeks Awards

 Awards for each nine weeks are given in the classroom by the teacher who is presenting the award. Homeroom teachers will present their awards on the day that the report card goes home. Special teachers will present their awards when they see their classes that same week.  Students are eligible to receive the following awards provided they meet the criteria:



  • Perfect Attendance – no absences



  • Perfect Attendance – no absences
  • Top Lion: for students with E’s and S’s
  • Academic Lion: for students will all E’s
  • On a Roll Academic Improvement: any child who improved from the last 9 weeks
  • Citizenship: 5 or less sad faces for the nine weeks


Grades 1-5

  • Perfect Attendance – no absences
  • A Honor Roll: 90 or above in all academic subject areas. Do not consider handwriting, conduct, PE, music, etc.
  • A/B Honor Roll: Combination of A’s and B’s with at least one A. Do not consider handwriting, conduct, PE, music, etc.
  • Citizenship: 95 or above



  • Principal’s Gold Ribbon - Given to students in grades 1-5 who have all A’s, an A in conduct, perfect attendance, no tardies, and no discipline referrals.
  • Kids with Character - students who exhibit Vic’s Guiding Principles
  • Bookworm:
               1. K-2: given to the student in each classroom who has read the most books for that 9 weeks AND the student with the Top
                   AR points for that 9 weeks.
               2. 3-5: given to the top three point winners per class

End of the Year


Every Nine Weeks Award will have a corresponding End of the Year Award as well. Awards based on grades or conduct will be based on the End of the Year average only in grades 1-5. Because Kinder does not have an End of the Year average, students must have earned the award each nine weeks to be eligible for their End of the Year awards.


In addition, to these awards, additional awards are given for the End of the Year. Many are self-explanatory as the student receives the award if they participated in the activity (i.e. Safety Patrol). Some have criteria. They are listed below:


  • Paw Power Reading Award – given to K-2 students who have read 50 or more books during the school year.
  • Top AR Points Award – given to K-5 students who have earned the most AR points in each grade level (1st-3rd place) and an overall award to the one student who has earned the most AR points campus-wide.
  • Top AR Points – given to the one student who had the most AR points in the entire school.
  • Master Musician - participation and conduct during Music
  • P.E. All Stars - based on good sportsmanship, participation, and overall great behavior. Usually given to student who excel in track and willing to help others.
  • Computer Whiz - based on participation, improvement, and conduct during Computer lab.
  • Texas Bluebonnet Award – given to students who have read 5 or more Bluebonnet Books.
  • Subject specific awards – given to the student with the highest end of the year grade average in that subject.
  • On-a-Roll Academic Improvement Award – given to any student who has shown academic improvement over the course of the year (teacher discretion).
  • Personal Best – given to any student who the teacher would like to recognize for having done his/her personal best.
  • Top Track Award – given to the top 3 students in each grade level based on number of miles ran.
  • Lorene Azbill Award – given to one student in the 5th grade. This student must have attended Vickers continuously since the start of the 3rd grade. The student should possess leadership, compassion, and kindness qualities. The student must have an A in conduct with no referrals during their 5th grade year. Fifth grade teachers will nominate students from their classroom who exemplify the above characteristics. The Vickers Elementary staff will then vote for their top choice.