Vickers Elementary

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All public schools in the state of Texas are required to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The TEKS contain all standards and student expectations across all of the core subjects. For each grade level, they tell us what skills and information should be taught and to what level, so that students develop a depth of understanding that help them acquire new concepts in later grades.

To ensure that we are fully aligned with the TEKS and to ensure that instruction and assessment is aligned with the curriculum, our school and district follow the scope and sequence from the TEKS Resource System (TRS). The parent resources tab on the TRS web-site is an excellent resource for parents as it details exactly what each child will be learning during each nine weeks. Please take some time to visit this web-site when you are able.  
Additional information on our curriculum can be found by clicking on the tabs on the curriculum menu bar to the left.