Vickers Elementary

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About Us

Vickers Elementary School serves students from Pre-K through 5th grade, including specialized programs for autistic students as well as behaviorally challenged students. The Vickers staff is committed to excellence for ALL students. We achieve this by building leaders at all levels, maintaining customer focus, adhering to core values, and systems thinking. The staff members are well trained in the areas of curriculum, assessment, behavior management, gifted and talented strategies, and intervention strategies.
Vickers Elementary School is located at the intersection of Northgate and Glascow Streets in the Northcrest neighborhood of Victoria. Vickers was dedicated in 1965 and has grown from 20 to 34 classrooms. Eight classrooms were added in 1987; a library, media center, and eight additional classrooms were added in 1989; a multi-purpose building was built in 1990.  Vickers enjoys strong community support and has a dedicated and professional staff to meet our students' needs. 

Average Enrollment: 575 students

School Colors:  Red and White

Mascot:  Vic the Lion

Vickers School Song:

We're proud and think you ought to know it. 
That Vickers is our school.
It is the pride of all the schools around.
We always go by the rules.
With our heads high we try to show it. 
That we all love Vickers School.
Salute to the colors red and white,
Our principal and teachers. 
Three cheers for Vickers our Great School!